Empire Burlesque Bob Dylan USA Columbia 10.90 1985 Hide your heart Bonnie Tyler UK CBS Records 9.90 1988 Greatest Hits Dolly Parton USA RCA 9.90 1982 Still got the blues Gary Moore UK Virgin records 10.20 1990 Eros Eros Ramazzotti EU BMG 9.90 1997 One night only Bee Gees UK Polydor 10.90 1998 Sylvias Mother Dr.Hook UK CBS 8.10 1973 Maggie May Rod Stewart UK Pickwick 8.50 1990 Romanza Andrea Bocelli EU Polydor 10.80 1996 When a man loves a woman Percy Sledge USA Atlantic 8.70 1987 Black angel Savage Rose EU Mega 10.90 1995 1999 Grammy Nominees Many USA Grammy 10.20 1999 For the good times Kenny Rogers UK Mucik Master 8.70 1995 Big Willie style Will Smith USA Columbia 9.90 1997 Tupelo Honey Van Morrison UK Polydor 8.20 1971 Soulsville Jorn Hoel Norway WEA 7.90 1996 The very best of Cat Stevens UK Island 8.90 1990 Stop Sam Brown UK A and M 8.90 1988 Bridge of Spies T'Pau UK Siren 7.90 1987 Private Dancer Tina Turner UK Capitol 8.90 1983 Midt om natten Kim Larsen EU Medley 7.80 1983 Pavarotti Gala Concert Luciano Pavarotti UK DECCA 9.90 1991 The dock of the bay Otis Redding USA Stax Records 7.90 1968 Picture book Simply Red EU Elektra 7.20 1985 Red The Communards UK London 7.80 1987 Unchain my heart Joe Cocker USA EMI 8.20 1987
GameDistribution RSS Feed https://gamedistribution.com/rss-builder en-gb GameDistribution RSS Feed https://static.gamedistribution.com/assets/favicon-32x32.png https://gamedistribution.com/rss-builder Happy Connect In this puzzle game, you should reorder the lines to make them all connected. Some of the tiles in the board are fixed, so you can’t move or reorder them. By making the correct connection you will pass the level. Puzzle 210803df4b8b4649ac16ecc7fa338b92 https://html5.gamedistribution.com/210803df4b8b4649ac16ecc7fa338b92/ https://img.gamedistribution.com/210803df4b8b4649ac16ecc7fa338b92-512x384.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/210803df4b8b4649ac16ecc7fa338b92-512x512.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/210803df4b8b4649ac16ecc7fa338b92-512x340.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/210803df4b8b4649ac16ecc7fa338b92-1280x720.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/210803df4b8b4649ac16ecc7fa338b92-1280x550.jpeg Emoji Word Puzzle Emoji Word Puzzle is a new, funny, and addictive game! Solve the puzzles made of emojis. Guess the word encrypted with emojis and vice versa, write the word with emojis. Each level has a surprising riddle. Puzzle .IO 52c4640d1d2a41ccb2b35785db0eea78 https://html5.gamedistribution.com/52c4640d1d2a41ccb2b35785db0eea78/ https://img.gamedistribution.com/52c4640d1d2a41ccb2b35785db0eea78-512x384.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/52c4640d1d2a41ccb2b35785db0eea78-512x512.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/52c4640d1d2a41ccb2b35785db0eea78-512x340.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/52c4640d1d2a41ccb2b35785db0eea78-1280x720.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/52c4640d1d2a41ccb2b35785db0eea78-1280x550.jpeg Squid Game 2 Survival Squid games are becoming a reality in the modern world. Play, earn money and become a winner in this survival game! There will be only one winner in a Squid Game Challenge! .IO 66f24a03669f4ead87178ef4a893a16d https://html5.gamedistribution.com/66f24a03669f4ead87178ef4a893a16d/ https://img.gamedistribution.com/66f24a03669f4ead87178ef4a893a16d-1280x550.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/66f24a03669f4ead87178ef4a893a16d-1280x720.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/66f24a03669f4ead87178ef4a893a16d-512x512.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/66f24a03669f4ead87178ef4a893a16d-512x340.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/66f24a03669f4ead87178ef4a893a16d-512x384.jpeg Sizes game Sizes game Sizes game is a game developed for children where they can learn the difference in the sizes of objects in a fun way from their mobile phone, tablet or computer. game developed by: Nau.kids Puzzle e48bfb2f071f44f199b3116c69ce0130 https://html5.gamedistribution.com/e48bfb2f071f44f199b3116c69ce0130/ https://img.gamedistribution.com/e48bfb2f071f44f199b3116c69ce0130-512x384.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/e48bfb2f071f44f199b3116c69ce0130-512x512.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/e48bfb2f071f44f199b3116c69ce0130-512x340.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/e48bfb2f071f44f199b3116c69ce0130-1280x720.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/e48bfb2f071f44f199b3116c69ce0130-1280x550.jpeg TonkWars.io Tank Battle Multiplayer Game! Shoot other tanks, destroy terrain and collect powerups! Customize your tank with flags and hats. Explore different biomes with destructible terrain. Multiplayer .IO 69d7787150e54b498ab9e0b96755eb16 https://html5.gamedistribution.com/69d7787150e54b498ab9e0b96755eb16/ https://img.gamedistribution.com/69d7787150e54b498ab9e0b96755eb16-512x512.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/69d7787150e54b498ab9e0b96755eb16-512x384.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/69d7787150e54b498ab9e0b96755eb16-512x340.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/69d7787150e54b498ab9e0b96755eb16-1280x720.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/69d7787150e54b498ab9e0b96755eb16-1280x550.jpeg Candy Maker Factory Last week we received an invitation from the Magic Candy Land! The manager of the Magic Candy Land invited us to have a crazy candy factory one-day-tour! We feel so lucky to have this rare opportunity! We were so delighted that this day has finally come! A shuttle bus takes us to our destination! Here we come! So many candy factories around us! Such as candy ring factory, rock candy factory, gummy candy factory, pretzel factory and chocolate bar factory! The manager going to bring us to visit each of them and teach us how to make those yummy candies with cooking tools and machines! Oh my god! We are totally in love with this place! Do you want to join us to this wonderful place and cook candies with us? Come on! Let’s get start right now! Girls Baby 4ca700c82df94ba099662d3360514403 https://html5.gamedistribution.com/4ca700c82df94ba099662d3360514403/ https://img.gamedistribution.com/4ca700c82df94ba099662d3360514403-512x384.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/4ca700c82df94ba099662d3360514403-512x512.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/4ca700c82df94ba099662d3360514403-512x340.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/4ca700c82df94ba099662d3360514403-1280x550.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/4ca700c82df94ba099662d3360514403-1280x720.jpeg Two impostor Squid Challenge Are you ready for the two impostor squid challenge game that you can play with your friend for two? Play with your friend in two player green light red light game and tug of war game. Adventure 2 Player 5425c7e11969453f8f64765a2cdc965d https://html5.gamedistribution.com/5425c7e11969453f8f64765a2cdc965d/ https://img.gamedistribution.com/5425c7e11969453f8f64765a2cdc965d-512x384.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/5425c7e11969453f8f64765a2cdc965d-512x512.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/5425c7e11969453f8f64765a2cdc965d-512x340.jpeg Dragon Planet Dragon Planet is an exploration game consisting of 20 planets, 20 dragon eggs and 20 different dragons in total. There are tasks you need to do in each level. These; To remove the egg from under the soil, to clean it, to check the inside, to break the egg and to clean and care for the dragon, and to feed the dragon's belly with delicious fruits. By fulfilling these missions, you can move on to the next planet and meet other dragons. Girls Boys 28036f0e8efd434681cf700c6455b206 https://html5.gamedistribution.com/28036f0e8efd434681cf700c6455b206/ https://img.gamedistribution.com/28036f0e8efd434681cf700c6455b206-512x384.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/28036f0e8efd434681cf700c6455b206-512x512.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/28036f0e8efd434681cf700c6455b206-512x340.jpeg Slime Simulator Super ASMR Game You know, it is not simple for everyone to make ASMR experience by himself because of the expensive equipments. Slime Simulator Super ASMR Game provide you with a chance to enjoy ASMR experience with different objects simulations. You are able to rub different materials without any limitations. Have a good time and wear a pair of earpieces. Arcade 3D 591f02859bd34d548b8380ccefcfef5a https://html5.gamedistribution.com/591f02859bd34d548b8380ccefcfef5a/ https://img.gamedistribution.com/591f02859bd34d548b8380ccefcfef5a-512x512.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/591f02859bd34d548b8380ccefcfef5a-512x384.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/591f02859bd34d548b8380ccefcfef5a-512x340.jpeg Rac Simulator Ever had a think to drive a sports car in the city and driving for free. Here are you. Explore new cities and complete the missions. No need to brake because of traffic or racing other rival vehicles, so you can burn the asphalt of this open-world city! Racing 3D 2ea6dba08f2e4e71b23e0eb40cf11ab1 https://html5.gamedistribution.com/2ea6dba08f2e4e71b23e0eb40cf11ab1/ https://img.gamedistribution.com/2ea6dba08f2e4e71b23e0eb40cf11ab1-512x512.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/2ea6dba08f2e4e71b23e0eb40cf11ab1-512x384.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/2ea6dba08f2e4e71b23e0eb40cf11ab1-512x340.jpeg Zombie Mission 10 Zombie Mission continues with the Prison Breakout section! The underground prison has been taken over by the zombies and you must rescue the hostages also help the injured as well. With the new expanded version of Zombie Mission, you have to fight 30 LEVELS ! There will be 7 different bosses at different levels. The strongest boss, of course, is waiting for you in the final level! Don't forget to buy weapons and upgrade with the coins you earn as you pass the levels! Action 2 Player 6aa63f9e65b74e4f8937f3630bc5eed9 https://html5.gamedistribution.com/6aa63f9e65b74e4f8937f3630bc5eed9/ https://img.gamedistribution.com/6aa63f9e65b74e4f8937f3630bc5eed9-512x384.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/6aa63f9e65b74e4f8937f3630bc5eed9-512x512.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/6aa63f9e65b74e4f8937f3630bc5eed9-512x340.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/6aa63f9e65b74e4f8937f3630bc5eed9-1280x720.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/6aa63f9e65b74e4f8937f3630bc5eed9-1280x550.jpeg Reach the Platform At the very bottom of the screen, you will see a circle and an arrow. Which is constantly turning. By pressing, you will fix the direction you need, with the second press you will release the circle so that it hooks on the round platform. Watch the filling of the arrow, the fuller it is, the further the flight will be. Getting into a large platform is not so difficult, it is much more difficult to get into a small or very small one in Reach the Platform. Arcade Puzzle 6079713d46374e0ba40602505245e250 https://html5.gamedistribution.com/6079713d46374e0ba40602505245e250/ https://img.gamedistribution.com/6079713d46374e0ba40602505245e250-512x384.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/6079713d46374e0ba40602505245e250-512x340.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/6079713d46374e0ba40602505245e250-512x512.jpeg SHAPES SHAPES GAME Shapes game is a game developed for children where they can learn different geometric shapes in a fun way from their mobile phone, tablet or computer. Game developed by: Nau.kids Puzzle eabe71a9919847a7835ecda5516f0296 https://html5.gamedistribution.com/eabe71a9919847a7835ecda5516f0296/ https://img.gamedistribution.com/eabe71a9919847a7835ecda5516f0296-512x384.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/eabe71a9919847a7835ecda5516f0296-512x512.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/eabe71a9919847a7835ecda5516f0296-512x340.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/eabe71a9919847a7835ecda5516f0296-1280x720.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/eabe71a9919847a7835ecda5516f0296-1280x550.jpeg Fast Balls Fast Balls is a fun 3D online game with a cannon color balls shooting to destroy the colorful stack tower. Hold to make your dot fire forward, and be careful from moving obstacles. In Fast Balls your goal is to destroy all towers to move to the next levels. Arcade Shooting 4c1f38cee30d4e99ace0e8814b30c951 https://html5.gamedistribution.com/4c1f38cee30d4e99ace0e8814b30c951/ https://img.gamedistribution.com/4c1f38cee30d4e99ace0e8814b30c951-512x384.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/4c1f38cee30d4e99ace0e8814b30c951-512x512.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/4c1f38cee30d4e99ace0e8814b30c951-512x340.jpeg Santa Claus Finder Santa Claus Finder is the best game for kids that you can play online for free. If you like to solve puzzles or if you want to find hidden things, then this game would be perfect for you. Try out the puzzle game now and enjoy it! Santa Claus Finder is a 2D shell game in the Cristmas style. Maybe, no more description needed... anyway, the object you will find is Santa Claus, He's is hiding under one cup. Find the right cup to let Santa Claus go out. Have fun playing! Arcade Puzzle 53e07fb81a7644f295ba0fbfaa776562 https://html5.gamedistribution.com/53e07fb81a7644f295ba0fbfaa776562/ https://img.gamedistribution.com/53e07fb81a7644f295ba0fbfaa776562-512x384.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/53e07fb81a7644f295ba0fbfaa776562-512x512.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/53e07fb81a7644f295ba0fbfaa776562-512x340.jpeg Xmas Sliding Puzzles Move image tiles to form the picture shown to the right side of the screen. Touch or click a piece to have it slide to the adjacent blank space. Finish as quickly as you can to get a better score. Arcade Puzzle 95005f449f6a431489fc7e0bfc4f0f74 https://html5.gamedistribution.com/95005f449f6a431489fc7e0bfc4f0f74/ https://img.gamedistribution.com/95005f449f6a431489fc7e0bfc4f0f74-512x384.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/95005f449f6a431489fc7e0bfc4f0f74-512x512.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/95005f449f6a431489fc7e0bfc4f0f74-512x340.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/95005f449f6a431489fc7e0bfc4f0f74-1280x720.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/95005f449f6a431489fc7e0bfc4f0f74-1280x550.jpeg Duel of wizards Many funny and absurd situations await you, as well as many magical hats for your character. Train your reaction and attentiveness by playing on your computer or on your mobile device. Shooting 2 Player Stickman bc0615a88e7f41e68aa555c03b1b1c46 https://html5.gamedistribution.com/bc0615a88e7f41e68aa555c03b1b1c46/ https://img.gamedistribution.com/bc0615a88e7f41e68aa555c03b1b1c46-512x512.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/bc0615a88e7f41e68aa555c03b1b1c46-512x384.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/bc0615a88e7f41e68aa555c03b1b1c46-512x340.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/bc0615a88e7f41e68aa555c03b1b1c46-1280x550.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/bc0615a88e7f41e68aa555c03b1b1c46-1280x720.jpeg Flashing Square In this game there is a square and a ball in the square. The ball will move through the square and collide with the edges of the square. But the square can flash when you touch it. You need to touch the square whenever the ball bounces off the edge of the square and then the ball can bounce and continue playing. If you miss the moment and the edges will flash sooner or later from the touch of the ball, the game is over. Puzzle dcdd84cf252949b1a004654b52ca9721 https://html5.gamedistribution.com/dcdd84cf252949b1a004654b52ca9721/ https://img.gamedistribution.com/dcdd84cf252949b1a004654b52ca9721-512x384.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/dcdd84cf252949b1a004654b52ca9721-512x512.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/dcdd84cf252949b1a004654b52ca9721-512x340.jpeg Fast Tennis Hit the tennis ball into your opponent's court. Use spin tactics to confuse the opponent. Control the court and unleash your killer tennis moves. First to 10 wins. Arcade Sports 934fcdff6a9c41fdb33a4ae6e8ba2d62 https://html5.gamedistribution.com/934fcdff6a9c41fdb33a4ae6e8ba2d62/ https://img.gamedistribution.com/934fcdff6a9c41fdb33a4ae6e8ba2d62-512x340.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/934fcdff6a9c41fdb33a4ae6e8ba2d62-512x512.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/934fcdff6a9c41fdb33a4ae6e8ba2d62-512x384.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/934fcdff6a9c41fdb33a4ae6e8ba2d62-1280x720.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/934fcdff6a9c41fdb33a4ae6e8ba2d62-1280x550.jpeg 2022 Dark Academia to eGirl Dress Up The two most popular fashion trends of 2021, eGirl and Dark Academia are escaping TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest to join us in a dress up game that will fulfill your wish to create your very own version of these cool viral trends. Even the dolls to be dressed are inspired by the trends they will represent, with Dark Academia portraying a sober, beautiful student girl with subtle makeup and warm tones and eGirl with 10 different bold facial expressions that will ignite your imagination for this gamer girl's attitude. Have fun and dress up away! Girls 593c003669e14ee1af7f9f6dcd4e051a https://html5.gamedistribution.com/593c003669e14ee1af7f9f6dcd4e051a/ https://img.gamedistribution.com/593c003669e14ee1af7f9f6dcd4e051a-512x384.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/593c003669e14ee1af7f9f6dcd4e051a-512x512.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/593c003669e14ee1af7f9f6dcd4e051a-512x340.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/593c003669e14ee1af7f9f6dcd4e051a-1280x720.jpeg https://img.gamedistribution.com/593c003669e14ee1af7f9f6dcd4e051a-1280x550.jpeg